This is not a topic that anyone really wants to talk about, but there are many things in life that we have to face even though they are difficult. Funeral Advantage insurance is one thing that can help make this time in your life a little less stressful and allow you to focus on what you want to focus on, spending time with your loved ones.

Talk to your family about these issues. And, whether or not you decide to purchase a final expense policy, make sure you have a plan in place so that your family isn’t faced with financial hardship in addition to dealing with their grief.

Funeral costs can easily range from around $6,000 to more than $20,000, depending on your wishes and those of you deceased loved one. The average cost in the United States is $9,000.

Unexpected costs

There are some expenses you cannot avoid when someone passes away. Be sure you have a plan for these. Funeral homes charge service fees, which can vary greatly. Advanced planning can make sure you don’t get caught off guard by the cost of those fees. Those fees pay for everything from planning, securing copies of death certificates, preparing notices, getting permits, caring for your loved one’s remains and arranging any necessary transportation.

Those fees do not include a lot of other expenses you’ll need to plan for. Depending on your loved one’s final wishes, those expenses may include embalming or cremation, renting space for a viewing or memorial service, a headstone and burial plot, graveside service equipment and staff, and a casket or urn.

If you are expecting a large group of mourners, you may also need to plan to rent a separate space for viewing or special service. Churches also typically charge fees for funeral services.

Where the money goes

While these costs will give you an idea of where money gets spent, they vary regionally and locally, which is another reason to do some advanced planning.

Typical costs:

  • Fees $1,000 – $3,000
  • Casket  $3,000 – $7,500
  • Embalming $500 – $750
  • Burial plot $1,000 – $5,000
  • Grave digging $750 – $1,500
  • Headstone $2,000 – $3,000

Insurance helps

Funeral or final expense life insurance is available to anyone between the ages of 40 and 85. It typically does not require a physical examination and is fairly affordable. Claims are processed very quickly and efficiently, ensuring that the money is available when it is most needed. Policies are generally available for up to $20,000 in benefits, which is enough to pay for funeral expenses and help ensure your family stays on their feet during one of the most difficult times of their lives.

Having this type of insurance makes sure that your family doesn’t have to struggle or go into debt to pay for funeral expenses. It is a wonderful gift to give them.

To learn more about how we can help, and our life insurance programs, give us a call today.